three demons of the underworld

three demons of the underworld

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Hitokuchi means “bite sized pieces,” my guide to Japanese Food, Setsuko Yoshizuka tells me. I learned the word from Setsuko’s article about Hitokuchi Agedashi Tofu. I’m always happy to expand my Japanese vocabulary.

From what I currently know of the Japanese language, I like to think I will be able talk my way around sushi bars, yakitori and noodle joints, tattoo parlours, and the feared Yakuza. I imagine that I will know exactly what is being said to me when I am barred from the public baths on account of my tattoos. Doubtlessly an enviable skill set!

On the numerous occasions that I have eaten Agedashi Tofu, it has been served to me in rather large molten triangular block shapes, very tasty, but dangerously hot! The idea of making these raging hot blocks smaller (and quicker cooling) sounded entirely sensible to me.

Hitokuchi seemed a good name for my new blog, as it too will be made of bite size pieces, quick and easy to consume, without blistering the inside of your mouth.

I hope to blog here about a variety of topics, including but not limited to, food, travel and culture. I present to you my credentials as a former professional Chef, a life long lover of great food, and an enthusiastic explorer of location and culture. I hope you enjoy my posts, and I look forward to your feedback!

Thanks for reading!


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